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Gilbert Barr, Jr. has released his third, and final, book from his series “A Patient’s Perspective” entitled, A Patient’s Voice. The book covers Gilbert’s updated health journey as he successfully lives with such chronic health conditions as sarcoidosis, diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, heart problems, pituitary deficiencies, and a multitude of other chronic health conditions. More so, A Patient’s Voice provides experienced tips on how to learn to be a successful medical patient, pick the best medical professionals, build successful relationships of all types including medical, professional and personal while still living a positive life with chronic health conditions, get the most from your medical experiences, how to be a successful caregiver, learn how to get the most out of your health care insurance, the importance of honest communications, and much much more, all written via the experiences and viewpoints of an experienced patient! The book closes with a powerful chapter describing Gilbert’s ongoing battle with Stage 4 colon/liver cancer for which he was diagnosed in October 2007 and will be a lifelong fight for survival!

Everyone must deal with the health care system in today’s environment and A Patient’s Voice will help everyone – healthy, sick, young, old, patient, caregiver – get successful results from your medical needs. There is something in this book that everyone can relate back to his/her life. The information in A Patient’s Voice is from actual experiences of a patient who has lived, succeeded, and failed with health situations for over 23 years and provides firsthand knowledge on how to be a successful patient. As with all of Gilbert’s books, it is strictly a patient’s perspective. There is no doubt you will see yourself or someone you know in this book more than once and the firsthand knowledge of how to successfully cope with any medical condition is invaluable!

You can get your copy of A Patient’s Voice (ISBN # 978-1-4401-1988-0) from any online bookstore or order it from your local bookstore as well. In addition it is available along with links and more information about this and other books in the “A Patient’s Perspective” series, including additional information about the author and contact information, at www.gilbertbarrjr.com. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to be successful in their medical experiences!!!



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